Relational constructionism

by Dian Marie Hosking


Relational Constructionism, Inquiry, and the Arts of Transformative Change
Dian Marie Hosking and Sheila McNamee invite you to join them for an intimate workshop in Dian Marie’s house in the beautiful Malvern Hills. Each day we shall meet to mix talks, exercises (in and outdoors), story telling and dialogues to explore relational constructionist theory and relational practices. Dates: May 10-12th, 2017
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Successful workshop on Dialogue and the Arts of Transformative Change Work
Together with colleagues from Relational Change we, Dian Marie Hosking and Maggie Shelton, organized an intimate masterclass, titled "Dialogue and the Arts of Transformative Change Work"
The Masterclass took place from June 14th to June 17th 2016.

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1 day workshop: Living in the (k)now, June 5th 2015
In this workshop we shall explore different views on what human beings are, and on the world in which we exist. We shall use works of art, music, exercises and personal stories to explore features of the dominant 'entitative' view. This helps us to identify another, different, view which instead assumes that person and world are always ‘in process’ in some sort of co-emergent relation. We shall explore this "relational" view, including its many resonances with the buddha dharma and shambhala buddhism. The workshop is organised by ZENO Organisatieontwikkeling.
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Workshop Research and Social Change, may 15-17 2013
This workshop focuses on modes of inquiry that blur the traditional distinction between research and social change. We will explore what research from a constructionist orientation looks like, how is it different and similar to traditional, empirical modes of inquiry, and how research informs the everyday practices of all participants. Emphasis will be given to the transformative potential of inquiry.
The workshop will be from May 15th-17th 2013, and is held in Culemborg, The Netherlands (just a short train ride from Utrecht).

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Just published
A contribution to a new book on relational leadership.
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