Relational constructionism

by Dian Marie Hosking


1 day workshop: Living in the (k)now, June 5th 2015

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In this workshop we explored different views on what human beings are, and on the world in which we exist. We used works of art, music, exercises and personal stories to explore features of the dominant 'entitative' view which assumes that person and world exist as relatively stable 'things'. This goes together with a strong distinction between self and others (so called Subject - Object relations). From here on we were invited to identify another, different, view which instead assumes that person and world are always ‘in process’ in some sort of co-emergent relation. This we call a “relational” view - one that focusses on relational processes - as they ‘go on’ in language and other kinds of inter-action. In this view, relational processes could construct "hard" or "soft" self-other differentiation. During the workshop we exlored this relational view, including its many resonances with the buddha dharma and shambhala buddhism.

This workshop was part of a masterclass series organised by ZENO Organisatieontwikkeling around the theme of Buddhism and organisation development