Relational constructionism

by Dian Marie Hosking


Relational Constructionism, Inquiry, and the Arts of Transformative Change

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Dian Marie Hosking and Sheila McNamee invite you to join them for an intimate workshop in Dian Marie’s house in the beautiful Malvern Hills. Each day we shall meet to mix talks, exercises (in and outdoors), story telling and dialogues to explore relational constructionist theory and relational practices …working to develop and deepen participants’ own understandings and practical resources. We shall focus on the practical realisation of relational constructionism in the context of inquiry and transformative change work including, for example, delivery of health care, therapeutic practices, community organising, organisation development, training and coaching… The workshop will begin after lunch on Wednesday May 10th and finish late afternoon on Friday 12th. It is non-residential, offering the opportunity to stay in one of the nearby hotels or a B&B or rent a cottage… Information will be given on these possibilities when registering. The workshop is restricted to a maximum of 14 participants and early registration, together with booking accommodation, is strongly advised. A core text for the workshop will be McNamee, S. and Hosking, D.M. “Research and Social Change” Routledge, NY & Oxford, 2012.

Presenters: Dian Marie Hosking and Sheila McNamee

Dates: May 10-12th, 2017

Location: The Malvern Hills, Herefordshire, England.

See the flyer for more info.