Relational constructionism

by Dian Marie Hosking


Below is a selection of presentations given at universities, workshops and seminars.

Telling tales of relations
Inaugural address, june 2007.

Organising changes: A development perspective
Stockholm seminar, march 24th 2007.

Making meanings... making respons-able worlds: A relational constructionist narrative
Departmental seminar, USBO, Utrecht, march 10th 2004.

Change-works: reflections from relational constructionism
Dian Marie Hosking. KRAFT workshop, Vaxjo, October 2004.

Going critical: inquiry as a power-full process
Presentation given on Stockholm seminar October 2004.

Interactive Research in a constructionist perspective
Presentation given on SIRA conference at Vaxjo, Finland.

Heresies, self-other relations, and some implications for organising in 'post modern' times
Presentation given to symposium on Heresy, hierarchy and discourse. 19th SCOS Conference, Dublin, Ireland, July 2001.