Relational constructionism

by Dian Marie Hosking

Theses by Masters and Phd students

On this page you can find work of Dian Marie's master and phd-students that is related to relational constructionism.

PhD theses

Terhi Takanen (2013). The Power of Being Present at Work. In this action research, the research task was to develop different ways of being present at work. The research is based on relational constructionism as a meta-theory, and through empirical study, this action research shows what this could mean in practice in development

Shayamal Kumar Saha (2009). Promotion of self-help in development & social change.

Earon Kavanagh (2008). Communities of Practice: A relational view of organising, power and possibilities.

In this thesis Earon Kavanagh employs Critical Relational Constructionism (CRC), communities of practice theory, and Foucault's approach to power relations as methodologies to reflect on cases from his consulting in family therapy and and organisation development.

Caroline Ramsey (2006). Provocative Learning: Narratives of Development in Pedagogic Practice.

Niina Koivunen (2003), Leadership in symphony orchestras: discursive and aesthetic practices. Tampere University Press.

Based on an extensive study at the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra and The Philadelphia Orchestra, Niina Koivunen presents a view of leadership that describes situations where the musicians, conductors and soloists relate to each other by listening, responding and adjusting - while simultaneously being subject to traditional business management. Although conducted in a very specific environment, these findings on leadership have relevance to other organizations as well.

Martijn Oorschot (2002), Omtrent het dekunststrueren van kennismanagement: over de praktijk van samenwerkende mensen en organiseren, Rotterdam: De Oplichterij.

The Ph.D. of Martijn van Oorschot is about how people work together, how they create their own reality and the reality called organization and the role of language/communication plays in this process. Key words of this study are: knowledge management, dialogue, communication, organizing, and social constructionism.

Master theses

De Graan, Roland (2012). A Fool's View on Transformation. Utrecht: Utrecht University

This thesis was written by Roland de Graan in the context of a Research Master in Public Administration and Organizational Science at the Utrecht School of Governance.


Van der Lee, Mirthe (2012). Storying Education in a Jakarta Slum. Utrecht: Utrecht University

Mirte van der Lee wrote this thesis in the context of her Research Master in Public Administration and Organizational Science at the Utrecht School of Governance.

Pluut, Bettine (2006). Reflexive and Responsive Researching. Tilburg: Tilburg University.

Bettine Pluut studied 'Policy and Organization Studies' at Tilburg University. The central themes of her master thesis are social constructionism, reflexivity and responsive research.

Haar, Dorieke M. van der (2002), A Positive Change: A Social Constructionist Inquiry into the Possibilities to Evaluate Appreciative Inquiry, Tilburg: Tilburg University.

Dorieke van der Haar has studied 'Policy and Organization Studies' at Tilburg University. She has written her master thesis about how an Appreciative Inquiry could be evaluated in an appropriate way. Three themes are central in this thesis: social constructionism, appreciative inquiry, and (responsive) evaluation.