Relational constructionism

by Dian Marie Hosking


This is a page on narrative approaches towards for example development and change. On this page you can find some general information on narrative (analysis) and some further links that lead you to more specialized pages on narrative approaches.

Some of my ideas and thoughts about narratives and stories are summarized below:

  • Story construction is a process of creating reality
  • in which self/story teller is clearly part of the story.
  • Narratives are social constructions - not individual subjective realities.
  • Narratives are situated – they are con-textualised in relation to multiple local-cultural-historical acts/texts.
  • Inquiry may articulate multiple narratives and relations.
  • Change work works with multiple realities and power relations e.g., to
  • facilitate ways of relating that are open to possibilities.

Some ‘gurus’ about narrative analysis

Other resources on the internet

Some general information on narrative analysis

Narrative psychology focuses upon narrative perspectives in psychology and allied disciplines and provides an interdisciplinary guide to bibliographical and Internet resources concerned with the ‘storied nature of human conduct’ (Sarbin, 1986).

Australian Storytelling is a site that aims to promote the craft and skills of storytelling, to offer opportunities, resources, workshops, coaching, accreditation for storytellers. Moreover, it provides a forum for storytellers to share skills.