Relational constructionism

by Dian Marie Hosking

A relational tour

Kenneth J. Gergen on relational constructionism . Gergen overviews social constructionism in a way that is both wide-ranging and accessible. He charts the background to the social constructionist movement and outlines the major debates, topics, and issues. This discussion can help the journeys of students, therapists, organizational specialists, educators, and others engaged in practices of social change.

Sheila McNamee & dialogic transformation. Sheila McNamee is professor of communication at the University of New Hampshire. Her work is focussed on dialogic transformation within a variety of social and institutional contexts including psychotherapy, organizations, education, healthcare and local communities.

Appreciative inquiry - a relational perspective . Appreciative Inquiry is an increasingly popular, large-scale change methodology used for work with communities, development projects, inter-organisational collaborations, organisational changework and the like. Here you can find a list of books on the topic of Appreciative Inquiry; these applications embrace different variants of a relational-constructionist perspective.

W. Barnett Pierce: A camper's guide to constructionisms . In this paper a set of distinctions are offered that clarify the relationships among constructionisms. The first set of distinctions is based on intellectual heritage; the second on forms of practice. Among forms of practice, those who focus on socially-constructed products are set off from those who focus on the process by which these products are socially constructed. Among those focusing on the process, an additional distinction differentiates those who want to make statements about the process from who seek to join with the process.

Other relevant sites you might like to wander around

Website on Cocreative Process Inquiry. Co-Creative Process Inquiry (CCPI) is a radical and practical way of working with personal, organisational and cultural renewal. CCPI is a developmental approach that helps us to become conscious and responsible co-creators and renew the way we are working and living together. Shifting and practicing new ways of being is the core of Co-Creative Process Inquiry.

Inter-logics. This British-based consultancy puts relational approaches to work in their organisational consulting practices.

The Future search conference, like appreciative inquiry, can be constructed as a participative, relational change methodology

Performance of a lifetime. Develops participants improvisational skills/performance exercises to facilitate teamworking, leadership, for organisation development...

The Public Dialogue Consortium. Kathy, Steve and others engage in mediation, conflict management... and more generally, work to promote constructive conversations. Have a look at their site, the projects in which they are engaged, and their "ways of working" - which embrace appreciative and constructionist ways of thinking.

The Public Conversations Project. PCP works to promote constructive conversations...again - many connections with relational constructionist thinking.

The Virtual Faculty. is a site run by a virtual network of psychologists who share interests in discursive psychology, narrative therapy and other relational constructionist themes.

Leuven University, Centre for Organisational and Personnel Psychology. The Center for Organizational and Personnel Psychology (COPP) studies the integration of human potential into the functioning of both corporate and non-for-profit organizations and investigates change projects that aim to improve this interaction. The center’s research activities can be summarized in the following five domains: personnel selection, organzational culture, group dynamics, innovation and change, and multiparty collaboration. Much of their work reflects a social constructionist orientation.